Gluten Free

Pumpkin Cheesecake

This well-tested pumpkin cheesecake filling uses heavy cream and an easy baking technique for guaranteed results. When paired with an easy, 5-minute pecan crust you have a GF pumpkin dessert any home baker can pull off!"

– Mamagourmand


Chopped Pecans Sugar | Butter Eggs | Brown Sugar Pumpkin Puree Whipping Cream Vanilla Extract Cinnamon | Ginger Nutmeg | Cloves Powdered Sugar

Make the pecan crust by processing together pecans, butter, and sugar. Press in the bottom of a springform pan and bake.

Let's Make It!

Next, mix together all of the cheesecake filling ingredients in a large standing mixer, making sure not to over beat.

Wrap the pan in foil, then pour in the cheesecake mixture. Place in a larger roasting pan and pour boiling water around the cheesecake. This creates a water bath to bake the cheesecake in.

Bake and cool gradually in the turned off oven. This prevents the cheesecake from cracking. Chill, serve and enjoy!

Can I Freeze This Ahead of Time?

Yes! First freeze without wrapping. Once it is solidly frozen, wrap in a couple layers of plastic wrap and then cover with foil. Freeze up to two months. When ready to serve, remove the wrappings and thaw overnight in the refrigerator.

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