Cranberry Cocktail

Sparkling Cranberry Cocktail is the perfect holiday drink! Cranberry vodka, a hint of orange, a little fizz, with a touch of sweet and tart will make these a huge hit at Thanksgiving. "

– Mamagourmand


Cranberry Simple Syrup: Cranberries Orange Sugar Water Cocktail: Cranberry Vodka Cranberry Simple Syrup Soda Orange

In a medium saucepan, combine cranberries, orange, water, and sugar. Cook for 5 minutes.

Let's Make It!

Strain out the solids from your simple syrup and then set aside.

Combine vodka, simple syrup and ice in a tall glass. Top off with soda and fresh orange.

What else can I use Soda Water?

Top with ginger ale, sprite, Prosecco or champagne!

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