Easy Taco Salad Recipe

Enjoy an easy taco salad recipe, safe for a gluten-free diet and ready in 20 minutes for a quick weeknight dinner the whole family loves! This gluten-free taco salad boasts extraordinary flavor from a combination of kitchen-staple spices and bonus lime cilantro sour cream topping."

– Mamagourmand


Ground Beef | Salsa Seasonings | Lettuce Tortilla Chips Cheddar Cheese Black Beans Grape Tomatoes Avocado | Lime Red Onion | Cilantro Sour Cream

In a large pan, cook the ground beef until browned. Drain the grease, then add in the salsa, water, and seasonings.

Let's Make It!

In a small bowl, mix together the cilantro sour cream ingredients.

On a large plate, layer all of the ingredients together, topping off with the cilantro sour cream. Then serve and enjoy!

Why Use Tortilla Chips?

Traditionally taco salads are served in a fried flour tortilla bowl, but this is unsafe for a gluten-free diet. The easiest option is to crush corn tortilla chips and sprinkle on top.

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