Strawberry Feta Salad

Summer Salad

Looking for the ideal summer salad recipe? Fresh Strawberry Salad layers fresh greens, juicy strawberries, toasted nuts, and feta cheese all covered with tangy, sweet vinaigrette dressing."

– Mamagourmand


Slivered Almonds Lettuce Strawberries Feta Cheese Vegetable Oil Raspberry Blush Vinegar Brown Sugar Honey | Garlic Dijon Mustard

In a jar, combine all of the dressing ingredients and shake to combine.

Let's Make It!

Toast the almonds in a small pan. Then layer the greens, strawberries, feta, and almonds. Add the dressing, toss and serve!

What's The Best Way To Wash Greens?

First, chop the lettuce and then rinse thoroughly in a colander. Ideally use a salad spinner to dry the lettuce, but there are options if you don’t own one. Lay the lettuce on a large lint-free towel. Wrap the towels gently over the greens and then pat to soak up the water.

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