Whip up batch of oat flour muffins so light and fluffy, you won’t believe they contain no flour and are naturally gluten-free!

– Mamagourmand

Ingredients Needed:

Old Fashioned Oats Brown Sugar ∣ Vanilla Baking Powder ∣ Milk Cinnamon ∣ Yogurt Oil ∣ Egg Optional Mix-Ins

Place oats in the blender. Blend until fine and powdery, about 30 seconds.

Add brown sugar, baking powder, soda, vanilla, yogurt, egg, milk, and oil.

Blend until smooth. Add remaining oats and pulse to combine. 

Stir in optional mix-ins. Bake for 17-20 minutes.

Can I make these dairy-free?

Yes! Replace the yogurt with unsweetened applesauce and use non-dairy milk.

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