Grilled Pizza


Tired of missing out grilled pizza with gooey cheese, smoky flavor, and a golden, slightly charred crust? It’s time to enjoy this delicious, quick dinner again with an effortless gluten-free grilled pizza recipe!"

– Mamagourmand


Dry Yeast Sugar Gluten Free Flour Potato Starch Psyllium Husk Powder Baking Powder Olive Oil Pizza Sauce Mozzarella Cheese

First, mix the yeast with some warm water and sugar and allow it to activate. In a large bowl mix all of the dry ingredients, yeast, and oil.

Let's Make It!

Once mixed, cover the dough and place in a warm space for about 45 minutes to rise.

Take the dough and roll into circles. Cook in a skillet about 2 minutes per side.

Assemble pizzas and cook on the grill for about 3 minutes, or until cheese melts. Serve and enjoy!

What Kinds Of Toppings Can I Use?

Since the pizza has a short cook time, all meats should be precooked and veggies that have a longer cook time, such as mushrooms, onions, thin-sliced potatoes, eggplant, and broccoli should be roasted or grilled ahead of time.

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