Bacon Chicken

with cheese!

BBQ Bacon Wrapped Chicken stuffed with cheese uses only 4 ingredients to make the most amazing sticky, sweet, and savory chicken recipe. "

– Mamagourmand


Bacon Slices Chicken Breasts Cheddar Cheese BBQ Sauce

Lay down the slices of bacon on a prepped bacon sheet and bake until partially cooked.

Let's Make It!

Butterfly cut the chicken breasts, then place the shredded cheese on one side and fold the top over it. Then season the top.

Lay the pieces of bacon over the top of each chicken breast, wrapping the bacon around. Then brush BBQ sauce on the top and sides.

Bake the chicken, brushing on more BBQ sauce halfway through. Enjoy!

Could I Make The Bacon Crispier?

Yes! If you'd like extra crispy bacon, increase the pre-baking time to 11-12 minutes. Just make sure the bacon stays flexible enough to wrap around the chicken.

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