Banana Muffins

Almond Flour

Muffins made with almond flour have a reputation for being dense—but not these fluffy beauties! Easy and quick to make, these almond flour banana muffins bake up moist, fluffy and full of terrific banana flavor."

– Mamagourmand


Ripe Bananas Eggs | Baking Soda Brown Sugar Oil | Baking Powder Vanilla Extract Almond Flour Cinnamon

In a large bowl, mash the ripe bananas. Then add in all of the wet ingredients and brown sugar.

Let's Make It!

Add in the remaining dry ingredients and stir together. At this time, add in any additional ingredients, like nuts, berries, or chocolate chips.

Evenly divide the batter in a prepped muffin tin and bake until golden brown. Then serve and enjoy!

Could I Blend All The Ingredients Together?

Yes. The ingredients can easily be mixed up in a blender or food processor. This would save you the step of mashing the bananas, and since it aerates the batter, it would also produce fluffier muffins!

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