Tomato Pie

Easy Tomato Pie recipe tastes like comforting cheesy southern tomato pie but without the work!"

– Mamagourmand


Tomatoes | Bisquick Baking Mix Sharp Cheddar | Milk Butter | Garlic Powder Basil | Oregano Mayonnaise | Chives Apple Cider Vinegar

Place some paper towels on a baking sheet and lay the tomatoes on top absorb extra moisture.

Let's Make It!

Mix together the Bisquick crust ingredients and place in a pie plate. Pat in the crust, then set asidd.

Combine the mayo, cheddar cheese, vinegar, and chives for the filling.

Layer filling over the crust, tomatoes, then more filling spread on top.

Bake the pie until crust is a golden brown. Allow to cool about 15 minutes before cutting. Then serve and enjoy!

What Else Can I Add To The Pie?

- Sautéed Onions - Diced Ham - Chopped Bacon - Basil - Crumbled Sausage

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