Sweet Irish Soda Bread

World's Best!

 This Sweet Irish Soda Bread recipe has a golden, crunchy, sweet crust with a moist, buttermilk interior, and tangy cranberries dotted throughout. "

– Mamagourmand


Flour or Gluten-Free Flour Sugar Baking Soda Baking Powder Butter Buttermilk Egg Dried Cranberries

Whisk together the dry ingredients. In a separate bowl whisk the wet ingredients and then pour into the dry.

Let's Make It!

Stir together all of the ingredients. Mix in the dried cranberries. The dough with be stiff at this point so you may have to use your hands to work it in.

Form into a ball and place on a baking sheet, cake pan or cast iron pan. Cut a cross on the top of the dough and bake for 1 hour.

Can I Make this Gluten-Free?

Yes! To make this recipe gluten free, simply substitute the flour with a gluten free flour. It will have to bake for a few minutes more, but turns out amazing!

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