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Pork Medallions

Serve easy Pan Seared Pork Medallions in less than 20 minutes for a fast skillet meal! Sliced, tender pork tenderloin fillet quickly cooks in a creamy apple, cranberry, dijon sauce."

– Mamagourmand


Apple Dried Cranberries Dijon Mustard Apple Cider Vinegar Honey Worcestershire Sauce Dried Thyme Dried Rosemary Nutmeg Pork Tenderloin

Combine all of the ingredients except for the pork in a bowl. This will make up the sauce.

Let's Make It!

Melt butter in a large pan and brown the sliced pork tenderloin medallions.

Add the apple dijon mixture and cook together for 5 additional minutes. Serve and enjoy!

How Should I Cook My Pork?

Pork medallions cook very quickly since they are portioned smaller than an entire tenderloin. Pan seared pork tenderloin medallions take 2 minutes per side in the skillet over medium high heat.

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