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Oats Groats

Learn how to cook oat groats with this easy, creamy oat groats recipe along with a collection of tips, tricks, and topping ideas!"

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Recipe Ingredients: Oats Groats | Water | Salt Topping Idea Ingredients: Fresh Fruits | Chocolate Chips Peanut Butter | Coconut Milk | Granola | Dried Fruits

To make in the Instant Pot, combine the oats, water, and salt in the pressure cooker. Seal and cook for 50 minutes with a natural release of 15 minutes.

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Once pressure is released, check to make sure all the water is absorbed by the groats. If not, simmer gently until the water is absorbed.

Go to recipe for slow cooker or stove top directions. Oat groats makes a healthy and nutritious make-ahead breakfast!

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